08 September 2016

"well born and great-souled"

The funny thing about life is,
no matter how messy and unbearable it may seem at times,
it doesn't stay that way, and things do get better.

It's worth it.

I've been noticing. When someone has a deep sense of self affirmation and an interior peace developed by moments of quiet and contemplation, it's hard for them to be genuinely disturbed by exterior events. (Like, can I have some of that?)

Aristotle talks about how happiness is a life full of actions in accord with virtue. The man who is virtuous is happy; he is “well born and great-souled.” He consistently chooses the noble things in life because he knows his end, and he knows that those kinds of things will fulfill him.


All in all, you step back and look at everything... and you can feel in your bones that this is good.

14 August 2016

hi, it's just me || currently

READING- Don Quixote by Cervantes, among other books 
WRITING- to the point that I need to purchase a new Moleskine for journaling. Heavens. 
DOING- running bright and early every morning
WORKING- at school on our beloved and dear dear grounds crew
LEARNING- more about Lightroom and about how I can better edit my photos
LISTENING- to shameful amounts of pop
MEETING- up with old friends, stuff for the soul
PRAYING- Just finished 33 Days to Merciful Love. So good.
THINKING- about grad school (maybe) and my upcoming junior year (definitely)
HOPING- because I'm a pathetic optimist 
Postscript- Made some slight changes to this blog as I wanted something of a fresh start. You know how that is. However, this place will still largely remain the same, for the purpose of inspiring and creating. When I think about Heavenly Aspiration's "early days", I can only think on the friendships and charity I found through you. Thank you so much for reading, dear friends. ♥
Also. Hi, how are you?  How has your summer been?